Patato Croquettes

Homemade Patato Croquettes

Delicious and easy recipe for Patato Croquettes. A fried croquette filled with yummy mashed potatoes.

Side dish
We eat potato croquettes usually at dinner as a side dish, for example a stew. But if they are just fried potato croquette is also delicious to eat right with mayonnaise or mustard or even better, mustard maoynaise with a little lemon juice.
patato croqutees. A nice Side Dish or as a snack with a little mayonnaise.Deep fry
Frozen: 5 minutes at 175 degrees.
Defrosted: 2 to a maximum of 3
minutes to 180 degrees.

1 kilo slightly floury potatoes
3 egg yolks
Salt, pepper,
Optionally grated cheese

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