Chicken Croquettes

Recipe homemade Chicken Croquettes

A delicious recipe to make your own croquettes filled with chicken meat ragout.

Dutch snack
In Holland we love a croquette as a Broodje Kroket met mosterd, a sandwich with a croquette and mustard. The Kroket is a traditional Dutch snack, like the bitterbal.Broodje kroket - Sandwich CroquetteIngredients chicken croquette
500 grams of chicken breast
Big carrot, some mushrooms, onion
Salt, pepper and nutmeg
100 grams butter, 130 grams of flour,
2 gelatine leaves, garlic clove, celery leaves
Two eggs and breadcrumbs
Olive oil and butter for frying
500 ml of waterRecipe homemade Chicken Ragout Croquettes

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