Cheese croquettes

A tasty cheese croquette weighs as much as a normal croquette, about 80 to 90 grams. Croquettes are filled with a delicious cheese such as Old Amsterdam cheese and matured cheese from Gouda, delicious Gouda cheese so. Fry and enjoy!Cheese from Holland Amsterdam Gouda

You can decide yourself which cheese you use as a filling. We have used Dutch cheese for this recipe.
Eat cheese croquettes immediately after frying, otherwise the cheese will quickly hard.

Ingredients cheese croquettes
30 grams of butter
140g flour
200g Gouda cheese (Holland)
200 grams of Old Amsterdam cheese, or any cheese you like, of course
300 ml. water
Salt, pepper, nutmegBreading cheese croquettes

Frying Croquettes
Frozen Croquettes 5 minutes
at 175 degrees.
Thawed: 3 minutes at 180 degrees

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